An extension of your business, we're here to help make a difference...

Ian Stuart established Stuarts Ltd in 1986 after 14 years as a partner in a leading Palmerston North accounting firm. Stuarts has since grown from strength to strength.
Today, principals Aimee Gray and Craig Purdy lead a team of hand picked specialists providing services to privately owned companies and their owners - be that individuals or family trusts. Our clients' businesses span a range of industries, including civil contracting, civil engineering, civil works, specialist manufacturing, wholesalers and property investment.
What makes us different is a desire to be an extension of a client's business, to help make a difference.  For us, it is about working with clients who share our philosophy of a monthly discipline of driving the business.
While we are a small team we concentrate on providing a genuinely personal, prompt and tailored service to suit each client's needs.  We do this through a combination of client specific information reports, frequent communication and proactive forecasting. We are continually refining processes and methodologies to help our clients understand how they are performing from month to month and where the potential risks may be. This means no surprises, no waiting for months after each financial year end to know how they have performed and what tax obligations exist. 

At Stuarts we strive to be a ‘model business’, to lead by example and perform in a way that inspires our clients to run their businesses in the same way.  To put it simply, if we don’t perform, how can we guide others?